Dental Equipment 

Over the last decade veterinary knowledge of equine dental disease and its appropriate treatment has evolved dramatically and proper veterinary dental examinations and treatment should form a very important aspect of your horse's preventative health care plan.

The most qualified person to care for your horse's teeth is your dedicated equine vet.

In order to perform a thorough dental examination, a full mouth gag (Hausmann gag) must be used, alongside a good quality head torch, dental flushing syringe, dental mirrors, probes and a head stand. Our vets have their own equine dental equipment, which they carry in their cars at all times. We are more than happy to inspect your horse's mouth upon request, or at the time of your horse's annual vaccination, as part of an annual health check (see our Deals & Discounts for more information).

If the dental examination indicates that treatment is necessary, each vet at Central Equine Vets is equipped with a full set of manual (hand) rasps to float (rasp) any sharp enamel points or overgrowths, which may be affecting your horse's mouth.

In addition to the manual (hand) floats, we also have motorised power floats (power/electric rasp). These are special pieces of equipment, which can be used as part of a routine dental for speed. However, where they comes into their own, is in its ability to reduce larger dental over growths quickly and efficiently. What's more, there is no additional charge if the power float is used! Our power float can also be adapted for widening diastemata (gaps between teeth which can trap food, which then decays and inflames the gingiva (gums)). Widening of these diastemata helps prevent food from becoming trapped between the teeth, thereby reducing gum disease.

Motorised dental equipment may sound scary, but it is safe! However, we would always recommend sedation when using the motorised dental equipment. This helps to minimise the risk of damage to any of the soft tissue structures within the mouth, which could be caused by a horse moving suddenly. The power float does, however, have a clutch, which immediately cuts the power if excessive pressure is put on the burr, helping prevent trauma.

All of our vets are experienced in using the power float.

If you are interested in booking your horse in for a dental, please contact the practice on: 0131 664 5606.

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