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***Respiratory allergies alert***

Snotty nose, coughing, taking deeper more frequent breaths?

With the oil seed rape coming out into flower and pollen counts rising, your horse may be suffering the equine equivalent of hay fever. Get your vet to examine your horse if you are worried.


Forget Stoven Hall Diaries, the cats have taken over!

Woohoo the laptop is out, time for some fun. See what you humans don’t realise is that cats are the most superior being on the planet, unlike dogs we can spelland our vocabulary is vast, and as for typing skill mum still hasn’t worked out which is the freeze/unfreeze the mouse button on the keyboard, a button I particularly feel the need to press when I require feeding and she is not giving me her full attention whilst ...working on the laptap.

Anyway I should introduce myself properly, I am Marley and joined the Stoven Hall Possie on New Years Eve and I have had my new parent in training ever since. Now I don’t know if it is just at my house that this happens but at Stoven Hall we have our proper names … although I have to say some of those are debateable … don’t tell George (Turkish Angora who sole job is to guard the practice cars, keep mums feet warm and trip her up should the feed bowl become empty), and then there are the so called pet names. As you can see from the intro my name is Marley, proper title Eastpoint Marley Jasper, Russian Blue with physique to die for … so what does she now call me??? Squidge!!!

A little tip for those of you with the same problem I am Marley when I am naughty, the more naughty you are the more they get your name right!!!



New Page!!!

We have added a new page to our website where all the Stoven Hall Diaries will be added. Click here to go to the page.




The Stoven Hall Diaries

Many of you may have seen the TV programme the Yorkshire Vet based in James Herriot’s former practice. I have finally had the opportunity to see a few episodes and to say it stopped me in my tracks is an understatement. The relationship they have with their clients and patients; all species treated under one roof, each individual vet able to treat all species, the pride they take in caring for animals like their own 24 hours a day seven days a week, it was like a mirror image … well almost… granted their vets are predominantly male!!! 

Whilst we do not currently have our own television series ….. yet!!!! …,it started me thinking, with the kind permission of our clients that we should start the Stoven Hall Diaries. Not quite the Stoven Hall “It shouldn’t happen to a vet” but close , and also where we can keep you posted on interesting cases, practice news and events. 

I have been working as a vet for almost 20 years now, and I could tell a tale or two!!! I feel very privileged to have the job that I do. Being a vet isn’t about having a job it’s a vocation, one which I absolutely love. My life is animals and animals are my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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"Perfect Paws & Healthy Hooves Club"

Stoven Hall Vets is launching its own Perfect Paws & Healthy Hooves Club this year. 

Save money!

This is a new scheme we will be trialling for 12 months whereby you can spread your pets routine health care bills across the year in simple monthly payments and save money on a whole range of membership offers and discounts.  

Check out the health club section of our website by clicking here.




We invite all our lovely clients to a Christmas Party on 17th December, 10am-12pm...





Many of you have already met her but for those who haven’t this is Katrina, photographed with Bells. She joined Sally as the second vet in July this year and when she's not at work enjoys riding Bells and baking cakes.



14/11/14 - Discounted Equine Worming Packages 2015!


The packs contain all wormers required for a 575kg horse for one year in a Stoven Hall Vets handy drawstring bag, and are individually labelled with the date to be given for ease of use.

The program works on a rotation basis to help prevent resistance and all start February 2015.

Please pre-order your pack before collection. Payment must be made at the time of ordering, we can take debit card payments over the phone at the clinic. All prices are including VAT.

The last date for ordering a work pack is 30th January but please order by 30th December to ensure your pack is able to be purchased for the discounted price advertised. 


14/11/14 - Equine First Aid Kits!

We are now offering a full range of equine first aid kits, ideal for the tack room or the trailer incase unfortunate circumstances arise. In a smart drawstring bag containing our logo and telephone number (for those emergancy moments), all kits contain a comprehensive laminated set of first aid instructions with lots of colour photos! Materials included are veterinary standard, exactly as used by our own vets, at a discounted price....

**Poultice Pack £34.99** - complete set of materials for 3 poultices.

**Leg bandaging Bag £39.99** - materials for 2 leg bandages

**Basic first aid kit £44.99** - essential materials plus thermometer, scissors and hoof pick!

**Deluxe first aid kit £69.99** - with twice the bandaging materials and a few added extras!

For full details of kit contents or to place your order please drop us an email on [email protected], a facebook message, pop into the clinic or drop us a call


22/09/14 - Our Newsletter

We will publish a regular Newsletter here on our website to keep you up-dated with developments in our veterinary practice and other news and features that we feel might benefit you. Do please come back to this page to receive an up-date on what's going on.


20/09/14 -  Charity Dog show, Brampton Plough Day 2014

Stoven Hall Veterinary and Rehabilitation Clinic sponsor and run every year a fun charity dog show as part of Brampton Plough Day and Country Fair. The dog show classes ranged from Pedigree dog to junior handler to the waggiest tail! This years event was the most successful yet with over £200 raised for our charities Waverley Stardust and The Louise Hamilton Centre.  Many thanks all the lovely dogs that came along to strut their stuff and we hope they all enjoyed their goody bag! We had a brilliant day out and hope to see you all again next year.



04/09/14 - Our 3rd Birthday Facelift!

For our current clients you may have noticed our new practice logo.. Stoven Hall Veterinary and Rehabilitation Centre has had a facelift for our 3rd birthday in order to keep offering you our fantastic clients the most up to date service possible. Our logo may look different but we are still exactly the same practice with the same ethos of offering you the best veterinary care possible. We would be very keen to hear any feedback, as after all we are here for you!

We are now also very much up with the times and have a brand new Facebook page for you to view. Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook. We will post events and interesting cases regularly for your interest.

Exciting plans for the future include an online appointment booking option and an online shop! We produce quarterly newsletters that can be sent either by post or email containing interesting and useful seasonal information regarding your pet’s health and to keep you informed of any offers or discounts running at the time.


30/08/14 - News Item 1 - Our Practice Online

In keeping with the huge growth in the internet and the number of people online (33 million people in the UK, would you believe it!), we are delighted to have launched our new practice website.

We encourage you to use the website as a source of information as it will be updated regularly to ensure that the latest contact details, opening hours and information on our services are always at your fingertips.